Donated To Gypsies Group In Gujarat

Donated £250 to gypsies group in Gujarat through our committee member Mr Joe Karuna. Received the following from Father Antoni

Northern Tamil Association
SUB: Thanking you for your help and
generosity-( 30,000 thousand)
Dear friends
Loving regards to all!
I take this great opportunity to thank you for your help and support in helping the people who are affected very badly due to lock down in the country. Especially the poor people those who stay next to our compound. These people basically are migrants, there are fifteen families who stay under the trees, go village to village and sell some blankets, chairs etc. due to lockdown everything has been shut down therefore they were undergoing tremendously difficult time. We have tried to help these people irrespective of their caste, creed or religion by offering all their needs.
I personally thank you for your financial support and joining us in reaching out to these poor migrants and the poor people who have nothing to eat. Today we almost distributed vegetables, oil, wheat flour, rice groceries, sugar, tea powder and etc to 25 families. We also remembered you and they also thanked you all with sincere heart. It was a wonderful experience to see joy on their faces and sincere gratitude. Once again I sincerely thank you for joining us in helping these poor migrants and the poor people with your financial support. May God continue to bless you all
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,