Reasons to become a member

Northern Tamil Association UK organises Tamil New Year and Deepavali Celebrations annually for the benefit of Tamil families living in the UK. It helps to promote Tamil Culture, Language & Arts especially amongst the children of Tamil origin by supporting Tamil schools, and arts, music and dance in the events it organises.
One of the most important benefit of being a member of Northern Tamil Association UK provides a platform for integration with other members who share mutual interests, similar cultural background and can build new relationships and support each other.
Membership is open to all individuals and families who are interested in supporting and participating in Cultural, Social and Entertainment programs conducted by Northern Tamil association UK.

NTA Individual / Family Membership :

Anyone eighteen or above is eligible for membership. Individual membership applies to the whole of the family unit.
Individuals who are not residing in the United Kingdom but are interested in supporting the activities of the Northern Tamil Sangam may be considered for membership.

Student Membership:

Anyone who is a full time student and working towards a degree/diploma will qualify for student membership.

Membership Fee

Membership Benefits



    Annual Membership Fee