Donations 2021

Donations made by Northern Tamil Association UK (NTAUK) for COVID-19 Relief:

1. Government of Tamil Nadu - Chief Minister's Public Relief Fund - Donated Rs. 1,00,000.00

2. Coimbatore Medical College Hospital - Donated 100x Pulse Oximeters, arranged through Dr. Madhu Shankar (Manchester) and handed over to Dean Dr.A.Nirmala by Dr.Kanagaraj (Anaesthesia HOD).

3. Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital - Donated 10x Stretchers (with O2 holder) and 10x Wheelchairs, arranged through Mr. Arumugam (JAO) and handed over to Dean Dr.M. Ravichandran.

4. Chengalpattu Medical College Hospital - RF ID System and Software Implementation to collect and push RT-PCR results to cell phones.

5. Villupuram - NTAUK in association with Liverpool Tamil Kalvikoodam has distributed grocery bags containing 18 items for 100 people (50 x front-line staff at Villupuram GH and 50 workers at Villupuram Municipality).

6. Tiruvarur - Supplied food for 150 people x 2 days to patients and carers at Tiruvarur GH through Vallalar Kapagam. NTAUK again in association with Liverpool Tamil Kalvikoodam distributed grocery bags to 50x municipality and daily-wage workers through N.Sivaraj (Siva Media).

7. Madurai - Donated Rs. 25,000.00 to Vaagai Folklore and Cultural Heritage Centre donation programme to support 300 artist family.

8. Salem chapter of Ramakrishnan Mission - Donated £250.00 for COVID-19 relief work.